Answers To Questions:

1. Why is health insurance so expensive?

Federal state laws governing health carriers drive the premiums up in addition to advanced medical procedures. Prescriptions have the largest impact on health insurance premiums. Many prescriptions are in the thousands of dollars for a 1 month supply.

2. How many employees must I have to be eligible for a group plan?

Most carriers require 2 unrelated employees to qualify for a group plan.

3. I pay more premiums when I use a health insurance broker?

No. We receive commissions from the health carriers directly with no additional cost to the consumer. Similar to travel agents.

4. What would be the advantage of using a broker vs. going straight to the insurance company?

We are able to assist and resolve with any issues that may arise regarding your health coverage.

5. If I am covered on an HMO how do I change my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and how often may I change?

The insurance carriers will not allow persons other than the insured to change PCP’s. The insured may contract their carrier and request a PCP change over the telephone. Most carriers will allow PCP changes every month. You must notify your carrier by the 15th of the current month, to have the change effective the first of the following month.

6. Do I have to offer group health insurance to my employees?

No. Most health insurance carriers require the employer to contribute at least 50% of the employee premium only.

7. Do I have to pay 100% for my employees and dependents health care premiums?

No. Most health insurance carriers require the employer to contribute at least 50% of the employee premium only.

8. Do I have to have a medical exam to apply for individual health insurance?

No. Carriers may request your medical records from your physicians if you have listed medical conditions on your application. Some carriers have certain guidelines for current preventive services and may require a current Mammogram and Pap test for women and prostrate exam for men, depending on the age.

9. May I purchase an individual medical plan with a high deductible for catastrophic coverage?

Yes. We offer plans with deductibles as high as $5,000.00.

10. Will an insurance carrier offer coverage to an individual with a pre-existing condition?

Depends on the condition and if the individual has had previous health coverage.